About Wild Melon

Wild melon was born from the desire to provide women with versatile, fresh and fun clothing inspired by the happy, sunny and colorful summer.


We offer each woman the opportunity to feel free and connected to each space, idea, dream or moment of her life.


Flor María Ramírez

Its creative designer and founder, Flor María Ramírez, was born in Cartagena de Indias. She studied Costume Design at San Buenaventura University (Cali-Colombia). Since she was a child, she dressed her dolls with small garments that she made from the scraps of her father's sewing workshop. Although she left Cartagena around high school, she has never forgotten the sensation of sand at her feet, clear blue sky up above, waves crashing onto the beach, and the bright sun that inspires her designs today.


A lover of dresses with delicate, timeless touches, flowing designs, and the loose silhouette that envelops the body of each woman, she works tirelessly so that this vibrancy of style manifests itself and comes to life for others.


Now as a mother, she understands and respects that each body is different and harmonious with its essence, which is why she works to maintain that symbiosis of body and clothing that produces projections of what we carry on the inside and want to feel on the outside.


Wild Melon is the rebellion of being yourself and smiling when feeling beautiful, free and sophisticated for yourself and for the summer.